where I can buy best tires on cheap prices in Dubai?

A few days ago, one of my friends looking to buy cheap Dunlop tires in Dubai. So I made a research and visited different shops and brands. I was amazed to see that few shops were selling copies of original tires on the name of brands. It was an alarming situation for me.

What are the best Tire shops?

After going here and there in different tire markets I meed Mr.Kamran, He is a local tire seller in the market. He explained all the details of different tires also explained different frauds which people are making on the name of brands. I am really thankful for the explanations and suggestions.

After a lot of research, I found Ityrecare shop There was a lot of rush of customers in their shop. So it was a good point that they are selling something good. I asked one of a salesman about Dunlop tires prices in Dubai. He asked me to come behind him and he showed a lot of original Dunlop tires.

The quality of the tires was also great. their prices are cheapest in the market this was the reason for the rush of customers in their shop. Overall my experience was really good with them.